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Fueled by the potent alt-rock spirit of their last two decades, Yellowcard have remained at the forefront of the alternative rock revolution that launched them into the mainstream with their 2003 platinum-selling album Ocean Avenue, which celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year.  Armed with crowd favorites such “Lights And Sounds,” “Only One,” “Hang You Up,” “Here I Am Alive” and, of course, the single that broke them through, “Ocean Avenue”, Yellowcard are back!

Boys Like Girls

If it’s true what they say — that there’s something in the dirty water of Boston’s Charles River — then Boys Like Girls drank up. Little else could explain the band’s meteoric rise after forming as teenagers in 2004. In the modern age a story like their’s is designed in boardrooms over speakerphone. The story of Boys Like Girls, however, was forged from the very beginning in the damp basements, garages, and VFW halls of the Massachusetts coastline over tattered lyric books, guitars, drums, and a collective dream. A half billion Spotify streams later it’s clear this was a fairy tale in its first act, and the world was about to find out.

What followed was the platinum-certified self-titled debut Boys Like Girls [2006] and its chart-topping successor Love Drunk [2009] — which bowed at #1 on the Top Rock Albums Chart and Top 10 on the Billboard 200. There was a slew of successful singles, including the platinum-certified “The Great Escape” and “Love Drunk” as well as the gold-certified “Hero/Heroine” and “Thunder.” There was the platinum-certified, BMI award-winning Hot 100 duet with Taylor Swift, “Two Is Better Than One.” There were sold-out shows, international tours, and unforgettable moments everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. But by 2012 lead singer and song-writer Martin Johnson was beginning to feel the universe pulling him into a new arena.


For the past 21 years, Queens-based Bayside has represented a lifestyle, a counterculture, and a deeply held conviction, diverse in thought and background but united by a shared desire for authentic expression. At their core, Bayside is a band that has constantly proved that music is not about gimmicks and ephemeral trends, but a timeless reflection of our lives and our times. It is through this timelessness and consistency that they continue to cultivate a cult-following that lives and breathes everything the band creates. 

Bayside has always focused on creating songs that are relevant to people who want substance, rather than being relegated to one genre. And while many bands would coast on their past success, Bayside rejects the premise and proves time and again that the best is yet to come. 

With The Red EP, fans see Bayside refining their unique brand of punk rock even further. The EP’s three songs offer powerful, hard-hitting melodies that draw upon the band’s heavier influences. Fans can look forward to more new music coming soon. 

Senses Fail

James “Buddy” Nielsen, the founder and lifeblood of Senses Fail, epitomizes the triumph of art over aesthetic in the evolving landscape of the post-hardcore/emo scene. With a career that has witnessed the genre’s journey from underground beginnings to mainstream acclaim, Nielsen’s musical odyssey began in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where his early influences ranged from Green Day and Nirvana to the lyrical dexterity of Wu Tang and Biggie. His formative years were marked by a diverse musical exploration, laying the groundwork for his eventual dive into the emo scene, influenced heavily by the local New Jersey music scene. This exploration culminated in the formation of Senses Fail in 2001, alongside original lead guitarist Garret Zablocki, where they forged a unique sound that blended intense emotionality with punk energy, deeply resonating with fans.

Senses Fail, named after a Hindu aesthetic tradition, has always prioritized authenticity and emotional resonance over commercial success, creating music that serves as a cathartic expression both for the band and its audience. Their journey, marked by a consistent evolution of lineup with Nielsen as the constant, reflects the band’s adaptability and commitment to growth. With their seventh full-length album, “If There Is Light, It Will Find You,” set to release in February 2018, Senses Fail continues to tackle personal and political themes with raw honesty. This album showcases the band’s readiness to engage with the world’s complexities, demonstrating that their music remains as relevant and impactful as ever, inviting new generations to find solace and understanding in their art.


3OH!3 stands for 303, the telephone code for Boulder, Colorado, which happens to be the number-one question Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman get asked in interviews… well, that and, “how tall are you?!” (they’re 6’8″ and 6’1″, incidentally). So now that that’s out of the way we can get to the juicer details of this mountain-raised, finely-aging boy band. 3OH!3 continue to tour all over the world, and HELL YES, they will still play all your favorite hits off of their first album WANT so your “middle school self” can truly live. They’ve played shows on every continent except for Antarctica (too cold). 3OH!3 are still hard at work writing and producing music. Their recent releases include the singles “Lonely Machines feat 100 Gecs” and “I’m So Sad” off their album NEED. Nat and Sean also write and produce songs for other artists including Maroon 5, BTS, Kesha, Illenium, Ariana Grande, Lil Jon, Black Bear, and MAX, to name a few. These pioneers of the early aughts party scene can teach you how to party – just come see your favorite Boulder Boyz in a city near you sometime soon. Or just stream “Don’t Trust Me” “My First Kiss” and “Starstrukk” on endless repeat – either way, they’ve got nothing but love for you and yours.


On November 20th, 2021, Hoobastank celebrated 20 years of their self-titled release, Hoobastank. The 2001 album launched the career of the band to mainstream success with huge singles including “Crawling In The Dark”, “Running Away” and “Remember Me” – all of which have since been certified RIAA platinum. Almost two decades later, the band is still clocking in at over 6M monthly listeners on Spotify and “Crawling In The Dark” has surpassed the 100M streaming mark across DSPs. The band’s 2003 follow up studio album The Reason took them to even greater heights and solidified Hoobastank as a household name. The title track “The Reason” went 4x platinum and racked up quite few #1 chart positions along the way, while the album went 2x platinum. “ The Reason” has over 2 Billion streams/views which has helped lead the way to the band’s catalog surpassing the 3 billion mark across the DSPs. The band looks forward to continuing their success in the years to come while also celebrating what they have accomplished so far.

Secondhand Serenade
Secondhand Serenade

In the mid-2000’s, a young singer/songwriter hailing from Menlo Park, CA armed with a self-produced, acoustic album and the knowledge of how to communicate with fans, lead to a peak point as the number 1 unsigned artist on MySpace. 

The demand for Vesely grew as that first album, Awake, continued to sell.  It wasn’t long before Secondhand Serenade became the talk of the music industry, leading to an eventual deal that positioned him as the first artist ever signed to the now famed Glassnote Records.  A re-release of Awake would soon follow in 2007, as would nationwide touring and the first of many festival appearances.  However, it was 2008’s Danny Lohner-produced album, A Twist In My Story, which would catapult the emo-pop songwriter to the top of the charts.  The lead single, a part piano ballad, part pop-rock tune called “Fall For You” would solidify the first major hit for both the artist and the young label, securing its spot in the top 5 at US radio, eventually going 3-times platinum. 

Fast forward to a post pandemic life and Secondhand Serenade is now putting the finishing touches on another long-awaited album. Stay tuned for more information and future tour dates.


Emery is an emo-rock band that started in 2001. They have toured worldwide with 8 full length releases (9th full length coming soon), several EPs and multiple exclusive releases to their private subscription club called Emeryland. Emery continues to make new music each year with a loyal group of followers. Emeryland is a growing and sustainable community that continues to incorporate and enhance a cohesive, collaborative group that sustains their art at the center, while building relationships and value. Emery also created their very own cryptocurrency called Emerycoin ($WALLS) that is used within the community for memberships, exclusive merchandise, and more. Emery’s twenty year tenure proves their longevity and adaptability over the course of two decades.

DJ Joey Donut

“DJ Joey Donut” coined his name from the iconic removal of “donuts” from the Dunkin’ Donuts franchise. Born and raised on Staten Island, New York, he spent many years grabbing a coffee from DD, so often Joey Ianelli, picked up the “Donuts” to begin his mixing career as DJ Joey Donut. 

With a 16-year old chihuahua named Milo by his side, DJ Joey Donut spearheads the iconic Emo vs. Pop Punk nights at miniBar in Kansas City. Most notably, DJ Joey Donut was the resident DJ for the first-ever Phase Fest.

With 5 years of EMO DJing and 15+ years traveling with  tours like Warped Tour under his belt, he’s ready to take on year 2 of Phase Fest.